Real Estate Cadastre Working Group (AK LK)

The task of the Real Estate Cadastre Working Group is to maintain the uniformity of the official geometric and technical data (geographic reference data) for the model-based, non-application-specific description of real estate on the earth’s surface. To this end, standards for collecting and homogeneously managing the geographic reference data of the real estate cadastre and for the provision of products are agreed on and recommended for use. This primarily concerns the following areas:

Authoritative Real Estate Cadastre Information System (ALKIS ®), quality assurance

  • Involvement in the AAA® revision committee within the scope of AdV’s AAA® maintenance guarantee
  • Maintaining the ALKIS® model
  • Overview of the structure and contents of ALKIS® in the Laender
  • Coordinating the data of the real estate cadastre at the Laender borders
  • Developing technical standards for the data collection process (particularly in the case of real estate surveying)
  • Measures to update the documentation of cadastral surveying
  • Exploring further possibilities for harmonizing the basic data stock of ALKIS® and ATKIS®

Technical coordination with authorities and agencies

  • Collaborating with the electronic land register EGB
  • Connection to the Information System for Rural Development LEFIS
  • Coordination with the statistics authorities (official area statistics, census preparation)
  • Supporting the concept of the Networked Standard Land Value Information System VBORIS
  • Linking sector-specific information systems of other authorities and agencies to ALKIS®

Products and services of the real estate cadastre

  • Geospatial data services (ALKIS-WMS, ALKIS-WFS)
  • Implementing the AdV fee directive for the delivery of ALKIS® geographic reference data
  • Involvement in establishing central geoportals within the scope of GDI-DE
  • Providing ready-for-use building information
  • Modelling additional products (including 3D building models)

Legislative projects, international cooperation

  • Introduction of the database land register
  • Supporting the property tax reform
  • Monitoring and, if appropriate, collaborating on regulations regarding real estate valuation
  • Monitoring aspects related to data protection law
  • Supporting the implementation of the EU directive INSPIRE
  • Describing metadata for INSPIRE data themes of the real estate cadastre

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