A warm welcome to the AdV

The AdV coordinates the official German surveying. Due to the responsibility of the German Federal Laender for national official surveying in the context of the federal structure of Germany, the Laender laws define the tasks to be fulfilled here.

In order to achieve, develop and maintain an extensive harmonisation and standardisation, representatives of the surveying authorities in the American zones met already in 1948. In October 1949, representatives of the surveying authorities of the British and French zones joined this Working Committee now called AdV. Later, West Berlin (1952), Saarland (1957) and the five new Laender joined the AdV, following unification.

In addition to the Laender authorities responsible for the official surveying, the Federal Ministries of the Interior, of Defence as well as of Transport and Digital Infrastructure also co-operate in the AdV. The German Geodetic Commission (DGK) representing the geodetic and surveying teaching and research as well as the Working Committee for Sustainable Rural Development (ArgeLandentwicklung) are guests to AdV.

The AdV is assigned to the permanent conference of the Ministers and Senators of the Interior. Its organs are the plenary and the chair. The plenary defines the thematic and strategic vision of the AdV and takes resolutions with a fundamental meaning.

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