Real Estate Cadastre

Real Estate Cadastre

What is the real estate cadastre?

The real estate (land parcels and buildings) is documented, presented and described nationally in the real estate cadastre as the public register managed by the surveying and cadastral authorities.

The real estate cadastre has three basic purposes:

  • It provides the basic data for the geospatial data infrastructure (GDI) in Germany. The geospatial data infrastructure in Germany (GDI-DE) is a joint project of the Federal government, Laender and local authorities.
    Cross-Laender and shared resources networking of geospatial data in Germany should be achieved with the establishment of GDI-DE in order to ensure that geospatial data are used increasingly in the future in decision processes within public administration, the economy and politics. As well as the consideration of national developments, it is the task of GDI-DE to integrate the developments in Europe (INSPIRE) and world wide (GSDI).
  • It is the official register of the land plots for proof of ownership in the land register. The position of the freehold property is presented and described in the form land parcels. If needed, the boundaries of the land parcels can be shown locally with legal effect. The real estate cadastre also documents the results of the official ground evaluation (classic main function).
  • It performs the basic function for other areas. It should meet the requirements of legal relations, the administration and the economy and, in particular, take appropriate account of the needs of the State planning, the development planning, real estate regulations, the determination of land plot values and environmental and nature protection.

The real estate cadastre - the essential parts

The essential parts of the real estate cadastre were formerly documented

The documents for the surveying are also an essential part of the real estate cadastre. The essential parts are becoming increasingly available in digital form.

The data of the descriptive and of the illustrative part were merged to the Authorative Real Estate Cadastre Information System (ALKIS®), based on the AAA reference model which was developed by the AdV. ALKIS® is implemented in all German Laender since the end of 2015.

The real estate cadastre - how is it used?

The surveying and geoinformation authorities of the German Laender, supported by the other members of the AdV, provide the required geospatial reference data for the most diverse tasks from land plot and legal usage, soil and environmental protection, state and development planning, the economy or the administration as standardised products of the member  authorities. The other products derived from the real estate cadastre include, among others, house coordinates and building polygons.

The real estate cadastre - where can it be obtained?

Extracts from the real estate register and real estate map are available from the competent surveying and geoinformation authorities of the German Laender who are all members of the AdV.

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