Real estate map

What is the real estate map ?

The real estate map is a product of ALKIS®. It is made available as part of the obligation to guarantee ownership as laid down in Art. 14 GG (German Constitution) and of the state provision of public utilities by the Laender of the Federal Republic of Germany and submitted to the most diverse places for spatial reference tasks.

What does the real estate map look like ?

The real estate map was originally created and also managed in analogue form. It basically contains the graphics

  • of the individual land parcels with their boundaries, 
  • of the buildings,
  • of the types of utilisation and their limits, and
  • in some Laender, the topographic objects and the results of the ground evaluation.

The real estate map was lead meanwhile as automated real estate map (ALK) in digital form. ALK and the Real Estate Book (ALB) was merged to ALKIS®.

Who can use the real estate map ?

Extracts from the real estate map are needed for diverse purposes in various planning areas, in the economy and for judicature. They are usually the basis for the creation of development plans by towns and local authorities or for the realisation of construction actions; however, they are also particularly needed for land plot usage or for the plot certificate.

Owners, authorities and other interested parties who demonstrate a justified interest can obtain extracts and information from the real estate map.

The extracts are available in different forms:

  • as an extract on paper or
  • as digital extract, object-structured via a standardised interface.

In special cases, the competent surveying and cadastral authorities can issue further information here.

Where can the real estate map be obtained´?

The real estate map can be obtained from the responsible surveying and cadastral authorities of the Laender of the Federal Republic of Germany which are all members of the AdV.

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