The official Land Parcel Information of Germany (FS-DE)

The approximately 65 million FS-DE describe the georeferenced surrounding polygons of all land parcels throughout Germany and are an elementary component of the official real estate cadastre of the Laender. The regional cadastre authorities ensure that the entire database is updated continuously. For licensees this means guaranteed, long-term investment security with maximum quality.

The "Central Office House Coordinates and Building Polygons" (ZSHH), set up at the Agency for Digitisation, High-Speed Internet and Surveying in Bavaria, merges and provides the FS-DE of the Surveying Administrations of the Laender with standardized fee and license models. The ZSHH currently provides an updated FS-DE database quarterly.

  • Contents of the FS-DE:
  • Object ID
  • ID of the land parcel in ALKIS (Authoritative Real Estate Cadastre Information System)
  • Land parcel code incl. district of parcel key and land parcel number
  • Information on administrative units, e.g. through official municipality key
  • Textual description of the place name
  • The coordinates are issued by default in the spatial reference system ETRS89 / UTM
  • The geometry of the surroundings of the shape files do not contain any boundary points
  • Information on the use of the land parcels is not included, nor is information on the owner.

For a full list of attributes, please see the FS-DE data format description.

All essential information at a glance:

Number of FS-DE about 65 million nationwide
Data format shape
Updates quarterly
Reference system ETRS89/UTM, Zone 32 or 33
Delivery units regional and administrative units

A data format description can be found here.

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