Central Office for SAPOS

Central Office for Satellite Positining Service of the Offical German Surveying and Mapping (ZSS)

SAPOS® - Precise Positining in Location and Height

SAPOS® is your solution if you wish to coordinate information, navigate vehicles or geo-reference thematic data. Makling use of modern technology you easliy and comfortable receive the spatial reference for your data quickly and precisely, based upon the Satellite Navigation Sys´tem GPS, GLONASS and in futurwe Galileo. The following services, tailored to your individual requirements, are offered in different accuraca levels and applications in both realtime and postproccesing:



Procedure Real time   Postprocessing
 Accuracy - position   0,01 - 0,02 m   < 0,01 m
Accuracy - height   0,02 - 0,03 m   0,01 - 0,02 m
Transmission technique   Ntrip over Internet (GRPS, UMTS, LTE), GSM Internet (Web-Server)
Clocking unit   1 sec   > 1 sec
Unit   1 min   1 min
 SAPOS®-fee per unit   0,10 EUR   0,20 EUR
 Standard, Format   RTCM 3, RTCM 2.3   RINEX 2.1

For more informations on the SAPOS®-Services and offers of the Central Office SAPOS®, please visit the website www.Zentrale-Stelle-SAPOS.de.

Landesamt für Geoinformationen und Landesvermessung Niedersachsen (LGLN)
Landesvermessung und Geobasisinformation Niedersachsen - Landesbetrieb (LGN)
Podbielskistraße 331
30659 Hannover

E-Mail: sapos-zentrale-stelle@lgln.niedersachsen.de
Telefon: + 49 (0)551 64609-222
Fax: +49 (0)551 64609-168

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