The official 3D Building Models of Germany in Level of Detail 1 and 2 (LoD1 + LoD2)

In the database of the 3D Building Model with the "Level of Detail 1" (LoD1-DE) all above-ground buildings are represented in the form of a simple block with flat roof without regard to the actual roof shape. The database of the 3D Building Model with the "Level of Detail 2" (LoD2-DE) also includes standardized styles of roofs according to the actual ridge courses.

The building footprint for both products is usually derived from the official real estate map. The location accuracy corresponds to that of the underlying building polygons. Both databases currently include around 56 million buildings.

The "Central Office House Coordinates and Building Polygons" (ZSHH), set up at the Agency for Digitisation, High-Speed Internet and Surveying in Bavaria, merges and provides the LoD-DE of the Surveying Administrations of the Laender based on standardized fee and license models. The ZSHH currently provides an updated LoD-DE database once a year.

The 3D Building Models document their individual added value e.g. in the following areas:

  • Creation of derived products, e.g. volume calculation (insured amounts, energy demand), number of full floors, shadow casting scenarios
  • Basis for 3D visualizations
  • Model and network planning in mobile radio communications
  • Implementation of the EU Environmental Noise Directive
  • Styles of roofs, ridge courses
  • Solar cadastres
  • Emergency management
  • Extended visualization analysis (visual axis, urban planning, radio relay systems, …)
  • Contents of the 3D Building Models:
  • Object fields of „buildings“ and „structures“ as defined in ALKIS (Authoritative Real Estate Cadastre Information System, definition according to ALKIS-OK) – underground buildings are not included.
  • The coordinates are provided by default as ETRS89/UTM coordinates in zone 32 and zone 33 (because of the image distortion only the eastern Laender can be delivered in zone 33).
  • Attributes:
    • Height of the building as the difference in meters between the highest and lowest point of reference of the building
    • Object identifier
    • Building function
    • Indications of quality (metadata,e.g. source of the roof height, location, …)
    • Official municipality key
    • Name (if recorded)

Additional in LoD2-DE

  • Standardized styles of roof

All essential information at a glance:

Number of LoD1-DE and LoD2-DE about 56 million nationwide
Data format CityGML
Updates once per year
Reference system ETRS89/UTM, Zone 32 or 33
Delivery units regional and administrative units, area polygons (Shape format)

A data format description can be found here.

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