PCC-Congress 2020 Germany


Germany held the EU Council Presidency in the second half of 2020.  AdV therefore hosted the semi-annual congress and general assembly of the "Permanent Committee on Cadastre in the European Union" (PCC) on 3 and 4 November 2020 - because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference was organised as a video conference. The conference dealt with the topic "Smart Cadastre - shaping the future". You can find the presentations as given during the conference below.


03.11.202000 PCC_story board_final
Conference and Plenary Meeting of the Permanent Comittee on Cadastre in the European Union (PCC)
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03.11.202001 Welcome speech AdV-Chair to PCC November 2020
“Smart Cadastre – shaping the future”
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03.11.202002 Stockwald - Bavarian_Cadastre.pdf
“220 Years at the Cutting Edge of Technology - The Bavarian Cadastre”
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03.11.202003 Degel - The SDGs and the German Cadastre-final.pdf
“The SDGs and the German Real Estate Cadastre”
Final2,7 MB
03.11.202004 Seifert - AAA_Future_Trends_in_the_Cadastre.pdf
“AAA - Future Trends in the Cadastre”
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03.11.202005a Wilsch - Land Registration and SDGs
“Land Registration and SDGs”
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03.11.202005b Wilsch - Land Registration and SDGs
“Land registration and SDGs”
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03.11.202006 Ernst - Legal Security of the Cadastre supporting Sustainability
“Legal Security of the Cadastre supporting Sustainability”
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03.11.202007 Scott - Cadastres and Land Registries Shaping the SDGs
“Cadastresand Land Registries: Shaping the SDGs”
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03.11.202008a Steudler-QuestionnaireResults
“Results of the Questionnaire on SDGs in Relation to Cadastral Systems”
Final1,5 MB
03.11.202008b Steudler-QuestionnaireResults - report
“Questionnaire on «Sustainable Development Goals» (SDGs)”
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03.11.202009 Moerkerke - fight poverty
“Land Registration an instrument for Fighting Poverty”
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03.11.202010 Andersson Blom - Nationell geodatastrategi 2021-2025
“The New Geodatastrategy and the SDGs”
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03.11.202011 Halme - SDGs relation to NMCAs
“SDGS Revisited - It is not always obvious but there is a Connection to what an NMCA does”
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03.11.202012 Zelic - EU Strategy for Data - Where Cadastral Data Fit In
“European Strategy for Data - Where Cadastral Data Fit In”
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03.11.202013 Velasco - Cadastral Index Map
“Cadastral Indey Map”
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03.11.202014 Salzmann - How valuable are HVD's for People, Planet and Profit
“How valuable are large scale High Value Datasets for People, Profit and Planet?”
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03.11.202015 Surma - Quality Education through Easy and Open Access to GI
“Quality Education through Easy and Open Access to Spatial Data incl. Cadastral Data”
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03.11.202016 Gherghe - Romanian Land Registry
“Romanian Land Registry Digitalisation, Progress, Usefulness”
Final5,7 MB
03.11.202017 Invitation to Portugal PCC May 2021Final5,8 MB
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