Authoritative Real Estate Cadastre Information System (ALKIS®)

Authoritative Real Estate Cadastre Information System (ALKIS®)

ALKIS® – What is it?

ALKIS® stands for Amtliches Liegenschaftskatasterinformationssystem (Authoritative Real Estate Cadastre Information System).

For a long time, the documentation of the real estate cadastre was processed and made available with the Automated Real Estate Book (ALB) and Automated Real Estate Map (ALK) systems. For the changeover to ALKIS®, all the data of the real estate cadastre was combined. AdV decided on the basic, overall guidelines for this and will be organising the maintenance of the data model from now on. Together with the Authoritative Topographic-Cartographic Information System ATKIS® and the Authoritative Control Point Information System AFIS®, the nationally standardised ALKIS® system is formulated in the AAA modell and described in the GeoInfoDok.

By December 2015 ALKIS® had been introduced in all the Laender.

ALKIS® – What is its purpose?

The spatially referenced (map) and not spatially referenced (book) data was systematically combined and is now being maintained without redundancy. Thus the processes from the acquisition and management of data through to its output are implemented without media discontinuity. With the adoption of ALKIS, uniformity in the real estate cadastre has been achieved in Germany on the basis of international standards and norms (ISO, OGC).

The data networking of AFIS®, ALKIS® and ATKIS® creates a geographic reference information system that constitutes a significant component of the Spatial Data Infrastructure Germany (GDI-DE).

Available to the users is a standardised basic data stock that has been stipulated as the minimum contents at a cross-Land level; the Laender additionally maintain further data depending on regional peculiarities and requirements. GIS users obtain the data via a standardised Norm-based Data Interface NAS.

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