Spatial Reference

The solution of all tasks of the official and unofficial surveying presupposes a spatial reference. It is created uniformly by the foundation surveying and put to all users at the disposal. The realization of the spatial reference presupposes coordinate references system, control stations and/or the satellite positioning service SAPOS® and official documentation.

Geodetic basics:
Geometrical spatial reference data (3D, position and height) and physical gravity values must in uniform, geodetic reference systems, which are represented to so-called coordinate references system. Which hides itself in detail behind it, you can reread under this point.

Control stations and satellite positioning service SAPOS®
The spatial reference of the official surveying is realized by homogeneous, federally uniform control stations and ,country-specifically necessary, further control stations. With the control stations and the geodetic control stations it concerns as a rule marked out control stations, whose position, height and gravity on earth are known. Together with the points of reference stations of the satellite positioning service of the German land surveying - SAPOS® - ( the federally uniform geodetic control stations in its whole defines the spatial reference. The spatial reference data are made available to the users by the German land surveying over modern comwares. Data of the geodetic control stations will be available in the official proofs led and as overviews, descriptions and listings for all station points. In the context of the modelling of the geo information of the official surveying (AFIS ALKIS ATKIS project = AAA project) the official proofs are led in the future in the official control point information system (AFIS).

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